Gas Analysis

When your appliance burns gas to create energy for cooking, heating or to heat water, it throws off by-products. If you appliance is poorly maintained it may produce poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide instead of mostly harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are produced by a well maintained appliance. ABL plumbing strongly recommends an annual safety check to ensure that your appliances are burning gas cleanly and efficiently.

ABL Plumbing gas analysis
Our checks include:

  • Measuring oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels
  • Measuring temperatures inside chimneys, flues and tune burners
  • Finding any incorrectly burning appliances and split heat exchangers in central heating units (which can cause dangerous carbon monoxide levels)

Gas leak detection

Pipes that carry and deliver gas to an appliance can deteriorate, corrode and start to leak gas. When gas it out of its controlled environment it can easily ignite and become explosive. ABL Plumbing uses modern measurement and detection technology to find and fix leaks quickly. We strongly recommend regular checks to ensure all fittings are gas tight and safe.

Gas certification

Because safely maintaining and installing gas fittings requires knowledge, experience and precision, a government-controlled body called the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board certifies those who have passed the necessary exams and who are therefore legally allowed to fit and maintain gas systems.

These tradesmen are certified because they’re knowledgeable, experienced and safe. ABL Plumbing’s Billy Green has the highest level of this certification: Registered Certifying Gasfitter. This means he is able to work on all gas appliances and fittings and also supervise the work of others who are qualified to a lesser level.

Registered gasfitters are required to show their registration number on request and Billy’s Registered Certifying Gasfitter Registration Number is 12807

Current status of this registration can be confirmed at where the registration number can be entered in the “Public Register” to find the name of the holder.