Gas Services

ABL Plumbing are registered certifying gasfitters. That means we have the expertise to ensure trouble-free supply of gas to domestic and commercial customers and to maintain the gas fittings.

Our gas services include planned maintenance programmes, installations, safety checks for efficient burning and to prevent leaks, efficiency audits and corrections and preventive maintenance.

New Zealand has a wonderful resource in its natural gas and ABL Plumbing can let you take advantage of its efficiency as a heating and cooking fuel.

Heater servicing

Gas-fired central heating systems work hard to heat your home during winter. Thermostats and automation make it easy to set and forget your heating requirements, but from time to time these systems should be inspected. Most gas heater manufacturers recommend an annual service and ABL Plumbing believes that you shouldn’t go longer than two years between services. Regular servicing of gas-fired central heating is recommended to maintain a safe and efficient heating system that is operating at an optimum level.
If you service regularly then you will ensure there won’t be days in winter without heating due to an unserviced part failing.

ABL Plumbing gas heater

Oven and hobb servicing

ABL Plumbing can install, maintain and repair gas cookers and hobbs in small domestic to large commercial kitchens. Gas hobbs consist of a series of steps, each one needs to work correctly to ignite the blue flame. If one part fails the sequence breaks and will need to be repaired. ABL Plumbing can help you get the most out of your gas oven and hobbs so you can cook with convenience and ease.

Hot water servicing

It makes sense to avoid paying for excessive water heating that maintenance can fix. Hot water heaters are one of the hardest working appliances in your home. You can reduce some load on this appliance by ensuring cold water feeds the cistern only when it’s providing hot water for household use, not in response to a leak. Replacing or repairing valves can ensure there is no hot water wastage and will reduce the chance of pressure buildup that can cause damage to cylinders and valves, resulting in the need for expensive replacements. ABL Plumbing can help your hot water system run more efficiently – call us to see how we can help you.

Brands we trust:

  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • HJ Coopper
  • Bocsh

Contact ABL Plumbing to discuss how we can help with your gas servicing needs.